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My name is Peter or CJ to my students and my mission is to get as many students, foreign and migrant workers speaking English as I can using Skype, email, telephone or one to one.

Contact me today and start talking today, I can teach you wherever you are in the world. I can come to your offices, factory or enterprise as a visiting tutor.

email me and I will set up your course and explain pricing.

email: ieltsachieve.online@gmail.com

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Thanks to the English Learning Space for the video

How would you answer these questions:

1.Do you own or run a company employing migrant workers or foreign students?

2. Do you have concerns about Health & Safety due to poor English communication skills?

3. Would your company and employees benefit from them being able to speak and understand English better?

If you answered yes to these questions then ieltsachieve can help, read on to find out more.

Do you live and work in the area as a migrant worker?

Do you know someone who lives in the area as a migrant worker?

Do you need help with your Citizenship Application?